Project $holdFELA is now LIVE

Only ~24h and MANY things have already been made !
You can trust that bunch of guys background in here are trying to make things great and most of all sustainable.

We are very lucky that today this contract is already devs-wallet-proof.
Plus… The anti-whales buy/sell system won’t destabilize the permanent growth that is about to come 👊

What is making us that confident ?
- FELA is great, overall, and with a great community (you ❤️)
- Socials are almost 100% set up
- Website incoming in the very near future
- bscscan informations are few hours to be updated
- promoters contacted, prices studied.
Further vote will determine where/how you all will want to proceed to reach the moon.
- many further ideas, projects are also discussed
Because YES !
We will not stop now.
It’s only begining 🐑👊

$FELA is a DeFi, community driven project. #holdFELA

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$FELA is a DeFi, community driven project. #holdFELA

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