holdFELA is so much community driven, unbelieveable!

You might already heard of our “fair launch” … Yeah, it was classical dump by devs. BUT, community is stronger! People kept coming, and they HOLD.
Why? Go ask them straight in their Telegram group:

Anyways, after devvs dump, people didn`t fall down. Instead —
They united and created much stronger community!

People kept comming and comming. Somebody droped an idea to chipin for promo, and it worked!

They voted, created transparent wallet, chipped in, hired promoter, and …

And it boomed! +600 holders in 4 hours.
All seemed good… and then BOOMED again, from inside!
Community had a rat! He got in to trust and deleted Group.
People lost contact.

Thats why, we present you our new EVERYTHING!
New website. New Telegram. New twitter.
The only COMMUNITY left! And now it`s STRONGER!

#holdFELA Not going ANYWHERE!

$FELA is a DeFi, community driven project. #holdFELA

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$FELA is a DeFi, community driven project. #holdFELA

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