We got an invite via email to this lovely company. But looks like without exposure we are not gonna have a deal here …

FELA got very exciting news!
We got listed on icoholder.com
Check that out:

If you`re not on a train, don`t worry — YOU`RE STILL EARLY

holdFELA is so much community driven, unbelieveable!

Not so long ago we turned into community driven project. After devs renounced ownership and disappeared, lots of people united together to raise project from the very bottom. Those people created a strong community and now leading project to the future. While we were growing community, one of previos devs got into trust with one of our mods, got promoted, and then killed our community from inside, banned all members in telegram and closed some our Social media. This didn`t stop community from moving on, so we started from very beggining.
We started project from the scratch, and created all new…

You might already heard of our “fair launch” … Yeah, it was classical dump by devs. BUT, community is stronger! People kept coming, and they HOLD.
Why? Go ask them straight in their Telegram group:

Anyways, after devvs dump, people didn`t fall down. Instead —
They united and created much stronger community!

People kept comming and comming. Somebody droped an idea to chipin for promo, and it worked!


$FELA is a DeFi, community driven project. #holdFELA

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